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What is United Republic?
United Republic is a Legend of Korra roleplay with a twist – the game is a blind play-a-long. Players create characters contemporary to Korra’s adventures and, with each new episode, react to the movements and changes made by the Avatar. In Republic City’s battle between Benders and Equalists, we play the citizens on both sides or caught in the crossfire.

How does it work?
At the outset of the game, when the first episode has aired, everyone creates/finalizes an original player character. Plot is delivered by each new episode, and characters, storylines and the world itself are updated with the emerging canon. Though some pre-emptive collaboration and planning can be done to establish setting and character, the unstable nature of the game requires agility and flexibility. The end result will be freeform at its finest.

How will it be run?
United Republic will be a community-moderated game. That means that while there are administrators who are responsible for distributing information and orchestrating the community, you don't need their permission for much of anything. Problem solving and decision making will happen collectively, and you get to call the shots for things that concern you and your character.

Who can play?
We’re looking for collaborative players who can think and move on their feet. Your prior RP experience or writing level doesn't matter - all are welcome. Finally, it should go without saying that joining involves keeping up with Legend of Korra - but that's not likely to be a problem, is it?

Any questions?
Ask them here!

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